Prof. (Dr.) Prem Chand Yadav

Principal, DAV PG College, Azamgarh

Message from the Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome and felicitate all of you at Dayanand Anglo Vedic Postgraduate College. During the 68 years of its existence, the college has achieved remarkable success in every field. The motto of the college The wide world becomes the best the importance of its spiritual and human values. Our college is a beautiful amalgamation of ethics and modernity which inspires hundreds of students to join it. The college is committed to install the necessary values in the students without compromising on the scientific reality and the spirit of question and answer. Our alumni, who hold high position across the globe, testify to the dignity of our college and its continuous progress.

The college is the highest among all the old institutions of its kind. It enjoys a reputation in all the four districts for the quality of education and its ability to establish excellent moral ideals. The institute is being headed by capable, talented, hardworking and respected persons having excellent quality of ability. Whose tireless efforts have provided us with top-notch infrastructure, which will contribute to the creative talent and all-round development of the learners.

I wish you every success in your endeavor.

Anand Prakash Srivastava

Secretary, DAV PG College, Azamgarh

Message from the Secretary

I feel immense pleasure in welcoming and greeting all of you to Dayanand Anglo-Vedic Post Graduate College, Azamgarh. Considering the humanitarian messages of Swami Dayanand Saraswati as an ideal, Arya Vidya Sabha was established in Azamgarh district in 1925 AD. With the establishment of the Sabha, Dayanand School started in its present building in 1925 AD. This college was established by Arya Vidya Sabha (organization of Arya Samaj), Azamgarh in 1957 AD. Over time, this college became a leading institution of higher education and started illuminating the entire Purvanchal with its light of knowledge. Since its inception, D.A.V.P.G. The college has a leading position in the district in the field of higher education. This college assures a proper educational environment and arrangement to all the participants including the students. Every member of the college family breathes an atmosphere of mutual love and harmony. The college is committed to its eternal tradition of establishing human values, harmony and uniformity established by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. It is our tireless and dedicated effort that, through this organization, we can help you reach your set goal in accordance with our established and well-established values and inculcate in you the values of a responsible citizen. I hope that all of you will join us with this goodwill and commitment and keep your morale and moral level high, so that no negative force can come in the way of your progress.


Vice Chancellor, DAV PG College, Azamgarh

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Mission & Vision


“To build and develop the University with high national and international standards in minimum possible time and to create an environment so that the University is highly placed nationally and internationally in terms of effective governance and high-quality education with research and innovations.”


“To develop humans with global competencies to serve the society, nation and the world in diverse fields of human needs by providing high quality education integrated with the approaches of Bharatiya knowledge system.”

Guidance and counseling

The Guidance and Counselling extends the following services

  • The Counselling Cell functions in co-ordination with the Placement Cell to unravel career steering connected issues. In association with the Physical Education Club, Yoga sessions are conducted for the mental well being of our students every year. Apart from this, extensive services provided are
  • Dealing with behavioral and emotional problems impacting the normal functioning of an individual
  • Individual Counseling
  • Help coping with challenging life circumstances
  • Assessing through Psychological modes
  • Identifying underlying reasons for behavioral, academic and emotional problems employing psychological testing
  • Helping people to develop new ways of relating with one another
  • Disseminating information on courses, careers, professions and specialized studies in India and abroad
  • Conducting Workshops, Guest Lectures and Seminars on Soft Skills and other needed areas
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